Q & A: Job Placement For A Worker With Disabilities

Q & A: Job Placement For A Worker With Disabilities

In her column, Janet Fiore from RecruitDisability.org will answer reader questions about the issues they face finding employment. If you have a question, please submit it to: expertadvice@careercast.com


I am an Employment Counselor with the NYS Department of Labor. One of my clients has a visible learning disability and I am finding it very difficult to find employers for him. He has almost a lifetime of experience as a Sales Representative--he has never been directly involved in cash handling or with the register, but he has contributed in selling merchandise, calling in customers when their purchases are ready, and collaborating with the other staff members when they need an extra hand.

Can you recommend any employers or assist in referring this customer to a position, or offer advice? He would like to stay in the area of White Plains, NY. He has limited transportation availability.

Thank you,

Stefano Galluzzo


Hi Stefano. Thanks for reaching out with your question regarding sales related employment for a person with an obvious learning disability. Given your client's strong lifetime sales background I'd recommend a few things.

First, please have him post his resume on RecruitDisability.org so that our growing base of interested employers can find him! Then, I suggest that you do a search for companies in your region who contract with the Federal Government (colleges, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, insurance firms, Internet service providers, etc.). All of these types of companies that sell goods or services to the federal government are under an affirmative requirement to recruit, interview, hire and accommodate workers with disabilities.

Given the heightened enforcement of existing regulations (OFCCP), and the pending Rule enhancements, now is the time to find federal contractors with sales positions that are open and present your client to them based on both his strong skill set, his excellent background in sales, and his diversity status. Be sure that your client is equipped with memory enhancing tools, or other necessary accommodations on his first day at his new job. I wish you all the best!

Janet Fiore is President of RecruitDisability.org, a Pennsylvania-based program of The Sierra Group Foundation, and a partner in the CareerCast.com Disability Network. If you have a question for Janet, please submit it to: expertadvice@careercast.com