Q & A: Finding A Job When You Need To Work From Home

Q & A: Finding A Job When You Need To Work From Home

In her column, Janet Fiore from RecruitDisability.org will answer reader questions about the issues they face finding employment. If you have a question, please submit it to: expertadvice@careercast.com

Question: I am new to your site, and I am looking at the job postings but can't figure out if any of the employers will permit me to work from home. I am a high-caliber sales person who has sold coffee services and office supplies for more than 30 years.

I may be getting laid off from my job soon due to my company being sold. I am bed bound because of my illness but I can still do a great job working on the phone and using my computer. How do I find which companies will permit me to work from home? 

Please advise me.

Lori Cohen - Petersburg, Va.


Dear Lori:

In today's working world where the ability to work remotely occurs in many industries, I'm sure someone with your skills can certainly find a home-based sales job. The sales positions posted on RecruitDisability.org and the CareerCast Disability Network are varied and updated often, and some of those typically are available for telecommuting positions.My advice to you is to create a profile and upload your resume on the site, and then you can search for sales jobs and apply to all that appeal to you. 

When you are called for the first interview, you can then discuss your particular situation, including options they provide for you to work from home. Not all employers post their willingness to be flexible online, but more and more are willing to be flexible, particularly when it comes to phone selling. 

One more thing: I suggest that you connect with your local office of vocational rehabilitation to ask about home-based sales jobs with companies that they know and work with. You may be surprised at the number of companies willing to talk with you, since sales positions aren't easy to fill, and it sounds like you have some great experience.

 Janet Fiore is President of RecruitDisability.org, a Pennsylvania-based program of The Sierra Group Foundation, and a partner in the CareerCast.com Disability Network. If you have a question for Janet, please submit it to: expertadvice@careercast.com