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Disclosing And Discussing Mental Disorders With Your Employer

About six months ago, Patrick Ross knew things had reached a breaking point at work. An angry email he had sent to a superior — combined with occasional temper flare-ups and brusque interactions with colleagues — was endangering his job of two years as deputy director of communication at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

So before a scheduled meeting with his boss about these problems, Ross decided he needed to reveal something he had not told anyone... Read More

Disability News

Job Placement Programs Help Candidates with Disabilities Find The Right Fit

The Arc—"an advocacy organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities," as described by Susan Klingel, its executive director—serves more than 300 Alabama people by providing employment and through a residential program with more than 30 year-'round residents. And it's just one of 29 agencies served through this year's United Way Holiday Wishes program nationwide. For many... more

CareerCast Identifies Eight Best Jobs for Candidates With Disabilities

New federal guidelines implemented this year have positively impacted the job market dynamic for candidates with disabilities. Since the “Final Rule” of Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act took effect, many more hiring companies are actively seeking out candidates with disabilities, says Janet Fiore, president of The Sierra Group Foundation and RecruitDisability.org based in Philadelphia. more

Non-Profits Help Job Seekers With Disabilities

Non-profit organizations play an important part in helping candidates with disabilities find the right job opportunities. One such non-profit group in New Jersey is an example. In 2013, Alternatives, Inc. provided a variety of services to approximately 600 clients with special needs throughout Central New Jersey. Bridges, the job seeking and retention branch of the agency, is currently serving... more

Investing In Hiring Employees With Disabilities

Like most parents with a child with a disability, we share the same wish: to live just one day longer than our child. What happens after we are gone? Can we ever earn and save enough to provide our child a fulfilling life of health and safety? Our son, Austin, now 26, has autism. He began speaking at age 10 and has continued to surprise me in revealing his gifts. Early on when we were dreaming of... more

Technology Designed To Help People With Disabilities

Tech companies create products with the consumer in mind, tasking a new smartphone, tablet, operating system or app, with a specific market demand. A number of companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs, focus on people living with disabilities. They create adaptive devices to help improve their customers' lives. Known as assistive technology, these gadgets include anything that helps a... more

New Hires With Disabilities Benefit Companies

Employment remains disproportionately unreachable to people with disabilities. This week, when the athletes are demonstrating their capabilities to the country, is a fitting time for employers to commit to opening new opportunities for people with disabilities — not merely as a good deed, but as good business, too. A recent Census Bureau report found that workers with disabilities are less likely... more

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Global Communications Representative

Brewer Science
Rolla, MO

Financial Analysis IV - (B4)

Applied Materials, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

IT Solutions Management IV - (B4)

Applied Materials, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

Software Engineer III Senior (E3)

Applied Materials, Inc.

C++ Software Engineer - (E3)- CV

Applied Materials, Inc.

Customer Engineer IV - (C4)

Applied Materials, Inc.
Malta, NY

Global Product Support Specialist (CV)

Applied Materials, Inc.

Lithography Simulation Software Developer/Systems Engineer

Applied Materials, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

Mechanical Engineer Director - (E6)

Applied Materials, Inc.
Kalispell, MT

Product Sales IV - (S4)

Applied Materials, Inc.
Beaverton, OR

Product Quality Reliability Engineer III - (E3)

Applied Materials, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

Product Line Management III Senior - (E3)

Applied Materials, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

Customer Engineer

Applied Materials, Inc.
Malta, NY

Process Engineer III RD - Low Temp Policy Silicon (LTPS) - (E3)

Applied Materials, Inc.
Alzenau, BY

Algorithm Development Student

Applied Materials, Inc.

About Our Partners


Looking for applicants with disabilities, including veterans?  Look no further!  RecruitDisability.org is your number one LINKAGE to this diverse talent pool.  A program of The Sierra Group Foundation, we meet your training, accommodation & compliance needs for ADA and OFCCP.


Our MISSION is to help reduce the already high unemployment rate among college grads with disabilities by uniting you with proactive employers. We will assist competitive career oriented college grads with disabilities in their search for employment in the entry level positions..


One More Way™ is an ‘open source’ employment initiative that makes information regarding Job Seekers with disabilities, and the programs that support them, available for use by hiring managers in virtually any industry across the country. We bring everyone together to overcome employment obstacles, share opportunities, and create new connections where none have been established. 


America's Job Exchange (AJE) is a leading destination for employers seeking best-in-class solutions for online recruitment advertising and OFCCP compliance. Our mission is to connect hard-working nonexecutive job seekers with employers that are looking to build a diverse workforce.


Project Hired was founded in 1978 to assist individuals with disabilities to gain and sustain employment, in partnerships with business and the community.

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